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How to prepare stop solution from 95-97% sulfuric acid?

ELISA stop solution protocol

In all ELISA reactions, the sulfuric acid is employeed as stop solution to terminate the biochemical reaction so that the signal of ELISA can be stablized. However, due to the international air cargo shipment restriction, it is quite difficult to deliver these so-called dangerous objects with the reagent kit. That’s why we show you in this article how to prepare it in your own lab.

Protocols for 2M sulfuric acid stop solution preparation

Caution: 95%-97% sulfuric acid is highly dangerous, please wear proper protection before experiment.
Caution: during the dilution, a huge amout of heat will be produced, please handle all instrument with care.

  1. Take 22.7mL sulfuric acid (95%-97%), dissolve with 500ml distilled or deionized water.
  2. Further dilute to 1000mL with water.
  3. Mark the prepared solution as 2M sulfuric acid. It can be stored at room temperature for at least 1 year when stored properly.

Keep this stop solution out of the reach of children or animals. Handle all liquid carefully. Safety first!