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Alkaline phosphotase test strip, ALP test strip

The current ALP rapid test strip is based on chemical reaction of ALP with its substrate to detect ALP activity in pasteurized milk to confirm whether the milk  is fully pasteurized or not. It is specific and accurate. The detection time is on 1h.

Product Code: T004
Unit Size: 50 tests
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Product Alkaline phosphotase test strip, ALP test strip
Product # T004
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Weight 0.1 kg

Enzymatic assay

Unit Size

50 tests


Raw milk, pasteurized milk.

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is an enzyme. An enzyme is a type of protein that catalyzes (causes or accelerates) chemical reactions in the body. ALP is produced mainly by the liver and bones but is also synthesized in smaller quantities by the intestines and kidneys.

In dairy industry, ALP is used as the marker for milk pasteurization. In fully pasteurized milk, the activity of ALP shall be quite low. This kit is then developed for this purpose.