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Avermectin ELISA kit

This Avermectin ELISA Kit is a competitive ELISA kit to detect avermectin residues in milk.

  • Ready to use ELISA kit based on Competitive Immunoassay
  • Total time required only 75min
  • Highly specific to avermectin and ivermectin.
  • Applicable for milk sample
Product Code: E6009
Unit Size: 96 tests
  • This product is only for research use.
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  • For all ELISA kit, stop solution is 2M sulfuric acid.
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Product details

ProductAvermectin ELISA kit
Product #E6009
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Weight1 kg
Unit Size

96 tests


0.15 ng/mL


Raw milk, milk powder

Detection Limit

3 ng/mL

The avermectins are a series of drugs and pesticides used to treat parasitic worms and insect pests. They are a group of 16-membered macrocyclic lactone derivatives with potent anthelmintic and insecticidal properties. The macrocyclic lactones (MLs) are an important class of chemicals, which are used worldwide as veterinary drugs and as crop protection agents. As a result, residues of MLs are important from both a food safety and environmental perspective.

Avermectins (AVMs) are widely used as an active substance for endo- and ectoparasites in veterinary medicine. AVMs are isolated from a fermentation broth of the soil actinomyete Streptomyces avermitilis. AVMs in commercial use are abamectin (ABA), doramectin (DORA), ivermectin (IVER), emamectin, eprinomectin (EPRI), moxidectin (MOXI), and selamectin. These compounds are registered for use in cattle and other food animals, fish farming, and pet animals.

This avermectins ELISA kit is based on competitive ELISA for detecting avermectins residue in milk and milk powder.