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Beta-Lactams Rapid Test Kit

The kit is a 10min to detect beta-lactams antibiotic residues in milk, water, etc. The detection limit is 2-4ng/mL for penicillin G and 90-100ng/mL for ceftiofur. The whole operation is at room temperature. No extra instrument is required. Test result is watched by eye directly.

  • 10min for more than 14 beta-lactams drugs
  • No extra instrument needed.
  • Testing at room temp. without heater
  • Result observed by eye
Product Code: 100001
  • This product is only for research use.
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  • For all ELISA kit, stop solution is 2M sulfuric acid.
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Product Beta-Lactams Rapid Test Kit
Product # 100001
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Weight 1 kg
Beta lactams are a group of antibiotics which are frequently applied in animal disease treatment. Due to the potential hazard of side effect such as allergy, it is now strictly controlled to use in many countries. Europe, USA and China all set strict Maximum Residue Limit/Level (MRL) for beta lactams.

This Beta-Lactams Rapid Test Kit is a receptor protein based lateral flow immunoassay to detect betalactams (penicillins and cefalosporins) in milk of cow, sheep, goat. The detection limit meets EU/China/Australian/USA MRLs.


This kit is validated internally and externally. It is registered in Czech, Turkey, etc.

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